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This unnamed demon was a loyalist of Abaddon.


After the Knight of Hell Abaddon rose to challenge Crowley for rule of Hell, this demon joined her side and became one of her loyalists. When Abaddon was killed in battle by hunter Dean Winchester, the demon was enraged by the fact that she was killed by a lowly human.

Season 10[]

In Black, in order to feed the Mark of Cain's bloodlust, Crowley tips this demon off to the location of the now-demonic Dean Winchester. Outside of the Black Spur bar in Beulah, North Dakota, the demon watches as Dean severely beats Matt after he harasses Ann Marie. Having spotted the demon, Dean steps out of the bar that night and calls out to him, taunting the demon that he could use a good fight. The demon reveals himself and draws an angel blade to confront Dean with. Dean is amused by the fact that the demon and the one possessing Drew Neely couldn't get over the fact that Abaddon is dead and the demon tells Dean that they can't get over the fact that it was Dean who killed her. Dean draws the First Blade, causing the demon to become nervous and turn his eyes black. Dean and the demon briefly fight and the demon is no match for Dean who is now a Knight of Hell himself. Dean effortlessly disarms the demon then stabs him in the chest with the First Blade, killing the demon. Crowley later admits to Dean that he sent this demon and the one possessing Drew Neely after Dean in order to feed the Mark of Cain's bloodlust.

Powers and Abilities[]

This demon appeared to be a regular low-level demon with the powers of one.


  • High-Tier Demons - As a low-level demon, he was subservient to and weaker than higher-level demons. The Knight of Hell Dean Winchester effortlessly overpowered and killed this demon.
  • The First Blade - Dean was able to kill this demon with the First Blade.


Killed By[]

After getting Dean's location from Crowley anonymously, the demon confronted him with an angel blade in order to get revenge for the death of Abaddon. However, Dean was now a Knight of Hell and easily overpowered the demon in battle, killing him with the First Blade.