Abaddon is a Knight of Hell who was single-handedly responsible for the extinction of the Men of Letters. She arrived in the present through time travel in her hunt for Henry Winchester and the mysterious supernatural object he was entrusted with; although she was defeated, she was later restored and managed to free herself.


Like most demons, Abaddon is sadistic, treacherous, and power-hungry. She enjoys causing suffering to others and mocking them, basking in their fear of her. Despite her sadism, she rarely prolongs the torment of her victims, preferring fast and brutal deaths. She is also greedy and very cunning.

Abaddon is quick to anger, and enjoys flaunting her superiority to others. However, her arrogance causes her to underestimate and underplay her opponents, which allowed Dean and Henry to defeat her in "As Time Goes By".

Powers and Abilities

Although she is a black-eyed demon, Abaddon is also a Knight of Hell and thus far more powerful than average demons. She displayed unique abilities not seen even from higher-ranking demons. Her presence and screams alone could trigger lightning and thunder.

  • Telekinesis - Abaddon has the ability to move people and objects with her mind. She was capable of flinging Sam and Dean across a large warehouse with ease.
  • Demonic Possession - Like every other demon, Abaddon can only become corporeal by possession of a human's body to be active on Earth. Even with a bullet carved with a devil's trap in her head, she could make her host's severed hand open the box it was in, move toward her, jump onto her body, and remove the bullet from her head.
  • Biokinesis - Abaddon caused Larry Genem's eyes to bleed and caused him to go blind.
  • Pyrokinesis - Abaddon caused candle lights to burn out. She also burned the headquarters of the Order of Letters with fire as explained by Henry Winchester.
  • Super Strength - Abaddon easily overpowered a group of Men of Letters elders. In addition, she could easily snap a human's neck with just one hand, or slit the throat of a human with just her nails.
  • Spell Casting - Abaddon was able to cast a spell to travel through time to follow Henry Winchester into the future.
  • Invulnerability - Abaddon couldn't be killed by conventional methods. As a Knight Of Hell she was a lot stronger than average demons, and she was unaffected by the exorcism rite performed by at least one in a group of Men of Letters elders. She was also able to resist the effects of the demon-killing knife.
  • Immortality - As a demon, Abaddon had the potential to live forever; she was thousands of years old when she attacked the Men of Letters.
  • Memory Reading - By inserting part of her essence into a human, she can access their memories.


  • Devil's Trap - Like all other demons, she was unable to escape a Devil's Trap.
  • Archangels - The eldest and most powerful of the angels can destroy her kind.
  • Demon-killing knife - The demon killing knife was able to hurt Abaddon, and even disable her for a short while, but it couldn't kill her.
  • The Colt - The gun is capable of killing any demon in creation.

Early Life

Abaddon was one of the first fallen demons, handpicked by Lucifer himself to become a Knight of Hell. She is possibly the last surviving member of the Knights of Hell, as the Archangels were thought to have killed them all.

In John Winchester's journal, it is said that he tortured a demon that had mentioned working for Abaddon.


Abaddon murders the elder men-of-letters.

In 1958, she was sent to kill Father Max Thompson, as he was working on a way to cure demons. Before she tore him apart, she tortured him to the point that he revealed he had been working with a Men of Letters initiate named Josie Sands.

On August 12, 1958, Abaddon, possessing initiate Josie Sands, attacks the Men of Letters under the orders of an unknown party in order to steal a box that was said to contain a special object. She proves immune to an exorcism and kills everyone at the Men of Letters' headquarters except for Larry Ganem and the initiate Henry Winchester, who was entrusted with the box for safekeeping and escapes through time with the box in his possession.

Season 8

Abaddon is able to follow Henry through time to the year 2013 where she is met by Sam and Dean. Dean manages to stab her with Ruby's Knife, but while it hurts her, Abaddon remains alive and the three are forced to flee. Abaddon reads the memories of the motel clerk to learn what he knows about Sam and Dean and then kills him.


Abaddon inserting part of her essence into a human accessing her memory.

Abaddon travels to Astro Comics which used to be the Men of Letters' headquarters and checks the memories of the clerk there. After learning about what she knows, Abaddon comments that she likes the clerk's "The Devil Made Me Do It" shirt and kills her, taking her outfit.

Using the clerk's memories, Abaddon tracks down Larry Ganem, possesses his wife, and listens as Sam learns about the storehouse that the box opens and receives the coordinates to it. Abaddon kills Larry and knocks Sam out. Abaddon calls Dean and demands that he trade Henry and the box for Sam's life which he agrees to.


At an old processing plant, they make the trade, but Abaddon betrays the deal, trapping Sam and Dean and mortally wounding Henry. However, they expected her betrayal and prepared for it: Henry shoots Abaddon in the head with a bullet engraved with a devil's trap, although Abaddon doesn't realize what he has done at first. Abaddon is angered to discover that the box she was given is a fake and demands to know where the real one is. When no one tells her, Abaddon tries to read Henry's memories but discovers that she is unable to and can no longer move. Realizing what happened, Abaddon points out that they still haven't killed her, but Dean tells her that she will wish they did and decapitates Abaddon. Dean explains that with a devil's trap in her head, Abaddon is bound forever to her meatsuit, so he will cut her into small pieces and bury them in cement, forever entombing Abaddon and defeating her.


In Clip Show, Sam and Dean bring her back by sewing her head back to her body, planning to cure her in order to complete the third trial. She is still unable to move due to the bullet that is inside her head, and when she attempts to attack the brothers, she finds that they have severed her hands as a precaution, which they left in a nearby box. She then explains that it was her who killed Max Thompson after word got out about his deeds. The brothers receive a phone call from Crowley and she is shocked to find out the salesman Crowley is now the King of Hell. Sam and Dean leave her momentarily, but while they are gone, she wills her hand to climb out of the box and removes the bullet from her head, enabling her to move. She vanishes before the brothers return.



  • Abaddon was described as a "hired gun." This could indicate that she was working for someone or something more powerful.
  • There was another character named Abaddon that was featured in the novel Supernatural: War of the Sons. Whether there is any correlation between the two is unknown.
  • Abaddon is the Hebrew word for "destruction."
  • Abaddon is the fifth demon of lore to appear in Supernatural, the other four are, in order of appearance, Azazel, Astaroth, Lilith, and Alastair.
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