These two unnamed demons acted as henchmen for the Knight of Hell Abaddon.


After finding out the location of Crowley, the Knight of Hell Abaddon traveled to the warehouse where Crowley had just helped free hunter Sam Winchester from possession by the angel Gadreel with these two demons as backup.

After finding Crowley waiting for them, Abaddon ordered her two henchmen to bring her Crowley's head, but neither moved to comply with Abaddon's orders. Crowley told Abaddon that demons are only loyal up to a point and then gave a speech to Abaddon's henchmen about how he was back and what Crowley ruling Hell would mean over Abaddon ruling. Crowley told Abaddon that it was a campaign to win the hearts and minds of the lower demons and ordered Abaddon's henchmen to "spread the word. Vote Crowley" before teleporting away.

It is unknown what happened to these demons afterwards. However, given their refusal to follow Abaddon's order to kill Crowley, it is likely that she killed them.

Powers and AbilitiesEdit

These demons appeared to be regular low-level demons with the powers of ones.


As regular low-level demons, they had all the weaknesses of ones.

  • High-Tier Demons - As regular low-level demons, they were subservient to and weaker than higher-level demons such as Abaddon.


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