Aaron Webber is a young boy and future Prophet.


Season 8

In A Little Slice of Kevin, the demon Crowley gets the names of all future Prophets from captured angel Samandriel and orders their kidnapping. Aaron is one of the future Prophets and the youngest at four years old, but Crowley has his teacher possessed to kidnap him anyway. Taking advantage of the fact that Aaron has gotten fingerpaint all over himself, the demon leads Aaron into the bathroom and then teleports him away, causing a brief freak tornado.

Aaron is taken to Crowley's base in Atlantic, Iowa where he goes into hiding when Crowley enters the room. While Crowley attempts to have the other future Prophets translate the Demon Tablet, he seemingly ignores Aaron, making no move to get him out of hiding or threaten him.

Aaron's kidnapping and the omens it caused draw the attention of hunters Sam and Dean Winchester who link his kidnapping to the disappearance of the other future Prophets. However, the differences between each person baffles them until Castiel reveals their nature as future Prophets. Learning of their location from a captured demon, the Winchesters and Castiel launch a rescue mission for the future Prophets and Kevin Tran. After killing four demon guards, Sam locates the five surviving future Prophets and Aaron comes out of hiding when Sam announces he's there to help them.

After killing the guards and driving off Crowley, the Winchesters call the police who collect Aaron and the others and return them home.



  • When talking to the Winchesters about Aaron, his teacher tells them that he is five years old. However, the missing person's report Sam looks at and the article on his disappearance lists his age as four.
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