Aaron Fuller is one of the psychiatrists at Glenwood Springs Psychiatric Hospital.

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Season 5[edit | edit source]

Dr Fuller questioning Sam about the attack.

He conducted an assessment interview with Sam and Dean, as they tried to infiltrate the facility. When they talked about the Apocalypse and hunting monsters, he decided to place both Dean and Sam under psychiatric care. When Sam and Dean suspected him of being the wraith, Sam attacked him with a silver-plated letter opener. He didn't react to it when cut, proving he wasn't the wraith. Martin Creaser stopped Sam from killing Fuller by pointing out his lack of reaction to silver. The doctor ordered that Sam be sedated after the attack.

After the incident, Sam apologized for attacking Fuller. Fuller accepted his apology and agreed to let Sam stay, but warned him that if something like that happened again, he'd have Sam transferred to another facility.[1]

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