Aaron Branson was a student at Truman High School. He was picked on by at least one of the 'popular' kids.


Aaron was quietly working in home economics class when the letterman jacket-wearing classmate he was paired with hit him and barked that he needed to copy his algebra homework, again. Aaron very calmly asked him if the reason he needed to copy it was because he was a stupid, brain-dead dick. The jock responded by calling him a freak and declaring that he was going to shove his fist down his throat. Aaron produced a surly grin, grabbed his hand and shoved it into the food processor between them, and held it there while he screamed. The teacher intervened and led the maimed jock away while everyone else piled out of the room. Sam arrived on the scene just in time to see Aaron sway and then fall to the floor. He ran over to him, and a dazed Aaron asked him what had happened. Sam noticed black goo oozing from his ear.


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