207 Oak Street is a house in Grand Rapids, Michigan where a Soul Eater took residence.


During the house's history, two people have died within. One was a man who choked on a chicken bone and another was a woman who was shot by her husband.

At some point, a Soul Eater took residence in the house and opened up its Nest inside.

After Mary Henderson bought the house, the Soul Eater came to prey upon her family in 2008 or 2009. The Soul Eater kidnapped Mary's son Will into the Nest and later Mary herself. After learning of the Soul Eater's attack on Will, hunters Bobby Singer and Rufus Turner came to investigate and believed that they were dealing with a vengeful spirit or a poltergeist. The hunters burned the bones of both of the house's residents that had previously died within but realized that they were not dealing with a ghost after the attack on Mary.

After researching the lore, Bobby and Rufus realized that they were dealing with a Soul Eater. Due to his experience with another Soul Eater, Bobby knew of a sigil that they could put up in the house to trap the Soul Eater in its Nest. Bobby got dragged into the Nest while his body was possessed by the Soul Eater to stop Rufus. However, Rufus subdued the possessed Bobby and finished the sigil, trapping the Soul Eater and sealing up the nest. The next day, Bobby put up wallpaper to cover up the sigil while Rufus warned the Henderson's, restored to their bodies after the Soul Eater's defeat, not to touch the wallpaper.

Following the Soul Eater's defeat, Mary Henderson found herself unable to move on and she and her family moved out of the house. While they put it up for sale, the housing market eventually crashed. With no other choice, the Henderson's walked on the house's mortgage, destroying their credit.

In 2016, the house was finally bought by Naoki Himura. While renovating the home, Naoki inadvertently broke the seal on the sigil while removing the wallpaper and released the Soul Eater once more. The Soul Eater took Naoki's daughter Kat into the Nest mere minutes after being freed.

Learning of the attack on Kat, the Winchesters investigated and came to the same conclusion that Bobby and Rufus had: that the house was haunted by ghosts. After learning of Bobby and Rufus's presence, the Winchesters deduced that Bobby and Rufus dispatched one ghost years before and there was a second that came back in the present. However, they found that Bobby and Rufus had burned both sets of bones. That night, while returning to the house to get some of her daughter's things, Naoki was attacked and dragged into the Nest by the Soul Eater.

After learning of Naoki's attack and the circumstances behind the attack on the Henderson's years earlier, the Winchesters also came to the realization that they were dealing with a Soul Eater. From the Men of Letters archives, Sam Winchester found a sigil that would kill a Soul Eater when painted both inside the house and inside the Nest. The Winchesters returned to the house where Dean was pulled into the Nest and painted the sigil. Dean's body was possessed by the Soul Eater shortly thereafter to stop Sam, but Sam subdued the Soul Eater and finished the sigil, killing it. The Soul Eater's death releases its victims from the Nest to return to their bodies or to move on to their afterlife if they are already dead.

The next day, the Winchesters depart and suggest to Naoki that her kitchen will need a remodeling from their fight with the Soul Eater. Naoki states that she intends to sell the house and it is abandoned once again.


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