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Ōkami are a type of supernatural creature that have been encountered by hunters. Little information has been revealed about them in the series—as they are monsters rarely seen outside of Japan.

An ōkami has been seen in the episode Weekend at Bobby's, as a case involving both Rufus Turner and Bobby Singer.


The fangs of an Ōkami.

Similar to many other supernatural creatures, ōkami look like normal humans. However, like werewolves, they grow canine-like teeth. In addition, they feed on human victims but, unlike the other species, each ōkami have a favorite type of prey. The one seen in the episode prefer to eat single, white, females, as specified by Rufus.

Powers and Abilities[]

  • Super Strength - Ōkami are strong enough to casually overpower normal humans and dig themselves out of the ground.
  • Super Agility - Ōkami are faster and more agile than normal humans, to the point where one was able to silently cling to ceiling rafters to hide.
  • Invulnerability - Ōkami are able to survive a shotgun blast, but are not invulnerable. It takes having to be stabbed seven times with a bamboo dagger blessed by a Shinto priest to kill them, or being thrown into a wood chipper.
  • Regeneration - So long as they are not dismembered or stabbed seven times with a special dagger, Ōkami will completely recover hours after being wounded.
  • Fangs - Ōkami have razor sharp fangs, which they use to devour their prey.


  • Bamboo Dagger Blessed by a Shintō Priest - It is been shown that there is a method to effectively kill ōkami, which consists of stabbing them seven times with this weapon.
  • Dismemberment - Bobby Singer made use of a woodchipper by shoving the ōkami into it to kill it. This also proved effective.


Ōkami (狼) is a Japanese word that means "wolf". However, in the same language, there is a word with the same pronunciation - Ōkami (大神, literally "great deity"), which is also a reverential title of some Japanese Shintō deities and, historically, the Emperor of Japan.



  • According to Bobby Singer's Guide to Hunting, the Ōkami is a cousin to the Werewolf, but specific to Japan. Their characteristics and abilities are pretty much similar to their cousins, even up to their diet of human hearts.
  • In the same book, Bobby also revealed that his first true intentional hunt involved an Ōkami.